Rotherham Superbowl Admissions Policy

  • Everyone loves visiting the Superbowl, especially kids, so please think about others and behave appropriately and considerately at all times.
  • Anyone who is considered to be intimidating or abusive to customers or staff members, will be asked to leave.
  • We want to be able to see all your smiling faces, so please remember to remove any hoods or caps as you enter. It may also be hot outside but its nice and cool at the Superbowl as its fully air conditioned so please remember to put your t-shirts back on in the summer.
  • Sorry, but anybody who appears to be under 21 when purchasing or consuming alcohol will be asked for identification to prove they are over 18. If you cannot provide this you will by law be asked to surrender your drink. Failure to do so may mean rejection from our premises.
  • Enjoy yourself, but don’t drink too much. For your safety and for the safety of others we may not allow you to bowl if you are intoxicated.
  • For the benefit of all our customers, please comply with the non smoking policy.
  • Our staff are fantastic and they are valuable to us. Remember to treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • You will love the food and drink we have on offer, so please do not bring food or drink in from anywhere else. We reserve the right to confiscate any food or drink from you which is not purchased at the Superbowl.
  • The management reserve the right at all times to refuse admission.

Thank you and we hope you have a great time.

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If you have any questions/comments about our Admissions Policy please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.